MSP Sales Mastery

7 Week Live Event

With Leading MSP Sales Expert – Fiona Challis

Join Us Every Week For A Live Interactive Workshop Where We Learn & Implement As We Complete Each Module

Secure your place - Starts 26th September to 7th November - 3 - 5pm UK Time

7 Weekly Interactive Master Classes To Accelerate Your MSP Sales Engine

Week 1 – How to create a winning MSP sales strategy to hit your sales & pipeline target

You will learn:

  • The 3 must have sales strategies to grow your MSP business
  • How to identify the number of sales, appointments & leads you will need to convert to achieve your sales goals
  • Which sales activities you must put in place to build your sales pipeline and achieve your targets & goals
  • How to document your sales strategy & measure your sales success

Week 2 – How to select a market to target and create a winning value proposition for your MSP business

You will learn:

  • The biggest mistake I see MSP’s make when it comes to Lead Generation & Selling
  • Why understanding your customers business outcomes is the very first thing you need to do before chasing leads, appointments, and sales.
  • To niche or not to niche and how to identify your target clients
  • A framework that will easily help you to understand your customers business outcomes and what they see as value
  • How to create a customer centric value proposition for your business

Week 3 – How to create a 12-week lead generation campaign to fill top of funnel 

You will learn:

  • How customers buy managed services today
  • How to create a detailed yet very simple 12-week lead generation campaign
  • How to create engaging content that captures your customers attention
  • How to create a displacement, new business & referral campaign
  • How to identify opportunities in your existing customer base
  • Which social platforms and tools to use to target your ideal prospects

Week 4 – How to qualify prospects & run great discovery calls 

You will learn:

  • Which call to actions & conversation starters to use to get prospects to come offline
  • Which door openers & key words to use to book initial sales calls and appointments
  • How to qualify prospects on the first sales call and decide if they are right for your business
  • How to create a nurture campaign and sales funnel to convert prospects into customers
  • What tools you should use to automate your lead generation & nurture campaign

Week 5 – How to run effective sales calls and meetings with qualified prospects

You will learn:

  • How to demonstrate the value of the sales meeting to your customers in advance
  • Why business conversations win over technical conversations any day!
  • A winning framework to help you structure a business conversation
  • The key stakeholders in your customers business and who you should be talking to
  • Key sales questions to ask in the sales call or meeting and what to listen for
  • How to identify priorities & gaps in your customers business that you can help close
  • How to easily connect the technology and business dots so that your customers see why they need your managed services

Week 6 – How to create and convert winning sales proposals & present your solutions

You will learn:

  • How to create a simple yet winning 8-page proposal and presentation
  • What to include and what not to include in proposals & presentations
  • How to present your pricing in proposals to get customers to make the right choice
  • How to easily build a one-page annual account plan, health score card, priority roadmap, QBR plan and budget plan with your customers
  • How to ensure customers get back to you after sending your proposal
  • The secret sauce to dramatically increasing your close rate of proposals

Week 7 - How to close the sale & handle the most common MSP sales objections

 You will learn:

  • How to make closing the sale easy!
  • What customers are really saying when they give you an objection
  • How to answer the 3 critical sales questions every customer is asking:
    • Why should I buy from you?
    • How do you differentiate?
    • Why should I pay you more than any other MSP?
  • How to overcome price resistance, demonstrate value and overcome the most common MSP sales objections

Meet Your Trainer 

Hi, I'm Fiona Challis. I'm an MSP Sales Expert and I have already enabled over 500 MSP's to implement the winning sales and marketing strategy and process you will learn in this course to win, grow and retain new clients.  

This is by far my favourite course to run as each week I get to work with a new cohort of forward thinking MSP's who are ready to learn and implement my MSP secrets to sales success. 

As a result of completing this program I have seen MSP's completely transform their sales and marketing strategy and now instead of relying on referrals they have a new business engine in place that is helping them to massively grow and scale their business and I'm looking forward to helping you achieve the same. 

What you get in the course

On top of the 7 weekly modules all attendees receive:

  • 2 x 45 minutes one to one's with me so that I can help you with executing and implementing what you will learn on the course 
  • 12 months access to all module recordings so that you can refresh your knowledge  when you need 
  • Templates for each module that make implementing much faster and easier

MSP’s that have already completed this program have achieved incredible results:

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UK Pay In Full - £995 plus VAT
3 x Monthly Payments £332 plus VAT
US - Pay In Full $1180
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