A Proven Sales & Marketing Process To Win New Clients For Your MSP Business
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Does this sound familiar? 

  • Your MSP has grown organically and through referrals?
  • You struggle to bring enough leads in top of funnel?
  • You've tried working with marketing agencies but you aren't seeing qualified leads? 
  • Sales & marketing can often be something that gets 'picked up and put down' ?
  • Your market is becoming increasingly competitive due to M&A's and new entrants? 
  • Your marketing campaigns are all about technology?
  • You struggle to articulate the value of your MSP and overcome price resistance? 
  • Your comfort zone is 'tech' and problem solving, not sales and marketing?
  • You have tried hiring sales people but they didn't deliver so you fired them after 6 months?

If so, I can assure you that you are not alone as these are the most common problems & challenges faced by most MSP's 

Imagine this instead....

  • You have a sales strategy that shows how many leads, appts. & new clients you need  
  • You have a clear target market that you specialise in and know where to find new clients
  • You have a consistent flow of quality leads in top of funnel 
  • You are recognised as a differentiator and the 'go to' MSP in your market 
  • You have a proven sales process in place to qualify new leads 
  • You have a framework that enables you to have  business conversations in sales meetings
  • You can articulate the value of your MSP with complete clarity and conviction
  • You can confidently answer any sales objection
  • You have a proven on onboarding process that will get customers spending more with you 
  • You sell multi year contracts upfront without getting sales objections
  • You have a proven process to get customers spending more and more frequently 
  • You win, grow and retain new clients and increase your MRR and LTV

Is it possible? YES! 

Here's how...

Hi, I'm Fiona Challis. I'm an MSP Sales Expert and I have already enabled over 500 MSP's to achieve this. So how did I help them? Through completing my signature training course, 'How to win, grow and retain new clients', which I created purely for MSP's.

As a result of completing this program I have seen MSP's completely transform their sales and marketing strategy and now instead of relying on referrals they have a new business engine in place that is helping them to massively grow and scale their business, so I know it’s possible and have seen the results MSP's get when they implement what I teach in my course.

The course has always been delivered face to face and has required a financial and time investment from MSP's to join however I'm delighted to announce that I have now created an online digital version of my course so that I can make the course more accessible and affordable for more MSP's. It's the same course and the same sales and marketing strategies you will learn but with the added advantage of a lower financial and time investment and you can complete it in your own time and at your own pace. 

Here's what you will learn:

Bite Size Learning 

Complete in a coffee break or lunch break 

Truly On Demand

Complete your training on any device 24/7 

Self Paced Learning 

Complete the training at your own pace 


  • Sales Pipeline Builder
  • Customer Avatar Creator
  • Business Outcome Storyboard
  • Value Proposition Creator 
  • Lead Magnet - Business Guide Template 
  • Lead Magnet - Quiz/assessment Template
  • 12 Week Lead Generation Planner 
  • Nurture Campaign Template
  • Audience Builder Template
  • Discovery Call Prompt Sheet
  • Sales Meeting Template & Checklist 
  • Proposal Template
  • Objection Handling Crib Sheet 
  • Onboarding Plan
  • Adoption Scorecard 


  • Selling To Financial Services
  • Selling To Legal 
  • Selling To Accountants
  • Selling To Manufacturing 
  • Selling To Professional Services
  • Selling To Creatives & Graphic Designers
  • Selling To Architects
  • Selling To Insurance
  • Selling To Healthcare
  • Selling To Property Management
  • Selling To Real Estate/Asset Management
  • Selling To Logistics
  • Selling To Transport
  • Selling To Facilities Management
  • Selling To Hospitality 
  • Selling To SMB
Join here - UK Investment Pay In Full - £197
Join here - US Investment Pay In Full - $250

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Join here - UK Investment- £197 plus VAT
Join here - US Investment -$250